Listen to your favorite music

or audio book while we work on your teeth with Noise Cancellation headphones.

All patients of Rittenhouse Smiles are welcome to connect their mobile device or MP3 player to our wireless Bose noise cancellation headphones. Sit back while our friendly staff takes care of your dental needs.

Do you get a bit nervous when you see the dentist? Dentophobia,  fear of dental care and dentist, is a common phobia. The high-pitched sound of the dentist’s drill can cause anxiety for some individuals and that’s why we offer noise cancellation headphones.  Listen to an audio book or your favorite music while we treat your teeth.

Patients can plug our wireless Bose noise cancellation headphones into their MP3 player, mobile devices, or our wireless in house sound system. Instead of listening to the drill and suction equipment, they can listen to their favorite music while still being able to converse with the dentist and/or dental nurse. Our friendly staff can assist you with connecting the noise cancellation headphones to your device.