We customize your service to provide you with the maximum level of whitening. Our team is able to eliminate stains, darkening, and discoloration from habits like:

  • Drinking Staining Liquids like Coffee, Tea, and Wine
  • Use of Tobacco Products
  • Bad Dental Hygiene Habits from a Younger Age
  • Taking Medications That Yellowed Teeth
  • Not Enough Fluoride in Your Diet as a Child
  • Treatment for Diseases that Can Yellow Your Teeth
  • Old Dental Work

Throughout the years, it is to be expected to see the surface of your teeth age over time.

Don’t be unhappy with the color or staining of your smile; turn to the experts at Rittenhouse Smiles. We offer effective and safe in-office teeth whitening in Philadelphia.

Reverse Stains with Professional Teeth Whitening

As your teeth age, the change in the coloring of your teeth is gradual. You should never feel uncomfortable when smiling when there is a painless solution to make your teeth white again. At-home whitening events do not give you the long-lasting results that professional solutions offer.


Consult Our Dentist for Teeth Whitening Today

For more than 30 years, our dental practice has remained committed to providing exceptional care and services for patients of all ages. This dedication means we implement the latest technology and techniques in dentistry on a daily basis. The teeth whitening services we offer utilize the safest methods and materials to brighten teeth exponentially in a single, short visit.

We never use harsh chemicals during whitening, allowing you to avoid negative effects like bleeding gums or tooth sensitivity. Don’t hesitate to consult our dentists for more information on our whitening services.

Professional Teeth Whitening Lasts Longer

Although there are many over-the-counter solutions that seem to get the job done, professional teeth whitening lasts longer than anything you can buy in a store. We offer solutions that take as little as an hour to change the color of your teeth by several shades. In addition to the speed with which our services whiten your teeth, visiting a dentist leaves you with less sensitivity than at-home solutions.

We are proud to serve clients from Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr, Villanova, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, and the surrounding areas.

You deserve to have confidence when smiling. Our whitening process offers results that last, bring you less sensitivity. We present several whitening options to meet all of your needs.

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