The professionals of Rittenhouse Smiles have undergone additional training and education in order to become experts in the methods and procedures concerning root canals. We are careful to preserve the integrity of your tooth and return your oral health to a more positive state. You deserve to smile, eat, and speak without feeling discomfort or pain. No matter what condition your tooth is currently in, we guarantee to return it to a more positive state of health.

Emergency Root Canal Procedure Appointments

The root canal is the small chamber within every tooth that houses dental pulp and nerves. The nerves are how your teeth detect temperature and pressure. Infection of the root canal affects the nerves, thus making oral functions like chewing and speaking uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful.

Many people don’t realize they are suffering from a root canal problem until it is too late. Your discomfort may be so bad that it feels impossible to lead a normal lifestyle. We are happy to offer emergency appointments to patients that need treatment right away. Our dentist never rushes to correct a problem but handles your case with the care you deserve. If your discomfort is making it impossible to lead a normal lifestyle, consult our office immediately for a root canal procedure.

Signs It’s Time to Consult a Dentist for Root Canal Treatment

To return your tooth to its former health, all infected pulp and nerves must be removed from the root canal. Once the infected material is removed, the canal is thoroughly cleaned to eradicate all traces of bacteria. A durable material is then placed within the empty chamber, strengthening the hollow structure of the tooth.

There are warning signs that indicate root canal issues before they become severe. If you have noticed any of the following, immediately consult our Philadelphia dentist for root canal treatment:

  • Pain Experienced When Applying Pressure
  • Extreme Sensitivity to Cold & Hot Temperatures
  • Gradual Tooth Darkening or Discoloration
  • Tenderness of the Surrounding Gums
  • Swelling in the Mouth and Face
  • Infection Around the Tooth or Gums

Free Consultation Concerning a Root Canal Procedure

Sometimes it is tough to know exactly what type of dental procedure you need for your mouth. Our dentists offer free consultations to patients that need a treatment plan to correct their pain, improve oral health, and update their smile. After a thorough assessment, a dentist will let you know if a root canal procedure is right for you.

Root Canal Specialist with More Than 30 Years’ Experience

For more than 30 years, our office has remained committed to ensuring the satisfaction and comfort of our patients. Our root canal specialist quickly identifies problematic teeth, and immediately starts eradicating the infection. During the treatment, we guarantee you won’t experience any discomfort or pain.

When dental decay or infection is left untreated, it eventually reaches the root of the tooth. At this point, you must consult a dentist and potentially get a root canal in Philadelphia, PA, to get the effective treatment you need.

We are proud to serve clients from Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr, Villanova, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, and the surrounding areas.

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