While removing teeth may seem like a scary prospect, it often has a positive effect on your overall oral health. The dentists at Rittenhouse Smiles are familiar with the tooth removal process and only recommend this treatment when absolutely necessary. When it comes to tooth extractions in Philadelphia PA, our staff utilizes the most advanced techniques and technology in dental care. These state-of-the-art procedures guarantee to stop the spread of disease and infection.

Many local residents put off the dental work they need because they fear they can’t afford the help of an experienced dentist. This often means uncomfortable and sometimes even painful dental issues. When a tooth needs to be removed, you may get infection in your mouth or gums, which harm your oral health until treated.

We never want a patient to feel like a dental treatment is out of their reach because of cost. Our dentists offer affordable tooth removal. Whether your tooth is past the point of repair or you need the removal to be fitted with dentures, our extraction is the perfect solution for patients on a strict budget. Treating patients in need is our primary concern.

Guaranteed Low Tooth Extraction Cost

Since the inception of our dental practice more than 30 years ago, we have remained committed to providing patients with exceptional and affordable dental care. In order to prove this, we are happy to discuss the typical tooth extraction cost before you make an investment. All you have to do is set up a time to meet with our dentist. At this time, a member of the team addresses any of your questions and concerns.

Emergency Tooth Extraction Available 24/7

When a tooth is so damaged or decayed that it causes severe pain, functions like chewing and speaking become a challenge. Avoid extended discomfort by looking to us for emergency tooth extraction in your time of need. A dentist from our staff is available 24/7. We are happy to work with patients who don’t have dental coverage. If you noticed any of the following, now is the time to consult our office:

  • Extreme Tooth Sensitivity
  • Ongoing Tooth Pain
  • Loose or Wiggling Teeth
  • Tooth Darkening or Discoloration
  • Pain Deep in the Gums
  • Pus or White Fluid in the Tooth

Tooth Removal Leads to the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

Sometimes one of the first steps in a patient’s treatment plan is immediately improving their oral health and then working to improve the aesthetics of their smile. When our dentists remove a tooth, we will also create a full treatment plan to meet your needs. Whether you end up with a bridge or a set of complete dentures, tooth removal is the first step in getting the smile you’ve always wanted.

Get painless and effective tooth removal from our team of qualified dentists. Contact us today to correct your smile. We are proud to serve clients from Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr, Villanova, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, and the surrounding areas.

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